Di-Vincent Taps Into UKG Sound On ‘Jealous’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

31 Aug 2023

East London rapper and producer Di-Vincent has come through with his latest track, ‘Jealous’, accompanied by a music video directed by producedby.kiran. The infectious single takes inspiration from the sounds of UK Garage, giving it a nostalgic feel that sees the artist in his element.

Since emerging onto the scene in 2019, Di-Vincent has been making steady progress with 2023 proving to be a break out year for the creative thus far. The artist is of Chinese-Nigerian heritage and has been making waves in the underground scenes for multiple years, collaborating with the likes of Daniel Avery and Surya Sen. This year has seen more focus on the Garage sound, with his previous single ‘Near Miss’ further showcasing his talents within the genre.

Speaking on the single, Di-Vincent states:

“ ‘Jealous’ is about realigning my focus and steering clear of negative thoughts and influences. Along the way, encounters with those lacking genuine intentions are almost inevitable – a facet of life’s complexities. ‘Jealous’ emerges as my coping mechanism, helping me navigate this intricate dance.”