DJ Firestarr Taps UK Rap Legend Giggs for a brand new episode of ‘Influential Records’

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

14 Jul 2021

A huge special guest to feature on Dj Firestarr’s ‘Influential Records’ Podcast series, Giggs – comes through to discuss Music, album selections, going to America and more.

Firestarr says: “Its been tough to really keep going after what has happened, but ive been trying to put my focus and energy into bringing people some great artist insight & really uplift/inspire others. I wanted to create my own series to really show people Im Not New To This and if no one is putting you on, you put yourself on – that’s always been the vibe!”.

Giggs and Firestarr talk on ‘Walk In Da Park’, memorable UK moments in the scene and other intriguing memories.

Tap in to DJ Firestarr’s latest ‘Influential Records’ episode with Giggs above!