ODUMODUBLVCK Drafts Cruel Santino And Bella Shmurda For ‘Dog Eat Dog II’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

30 May 2023

ODUMODUBLVCK has called upon Cruel Santino and Bella Shmurda for ‘Dog Eat Dog II’, a remix of his track of the same name which dropped 8 months ago. The artist is currently riding on the success of his viral hit, ‘Declan Rice’ which promises to be one of the sounds of the summer along with his latest offering.

Speaking on the track, ODUMODUBLVCK states:

“DOG EAT DOG II is a spiritual sound, just imagine the three wise men coming together, that’s how I see this record. It is blessed. A lot of people think I was referring to a woman in DOG EAT DOG, whereas what I did was use a woman to symbolise the music industry. Hence the lyrics “When I show them light dem go turn their back them go show me dark”& “She can never lie I Dey treat am well, my lover”

The music and entertainment industry have certain people like every other organisation who are keen on suppressing the efforts of others, especially when they see them as a lesser being in terms of hierarchy and position. They tried to suppress me but it did not work, that’s why I am here now. It did not work because I am diligent in my duty as an artist. If the music had a mouth to speak for itself the music can not say ODUMODU was lazy, rather it will say “ODUMODU treated me well”.

In this scenario I am a dog that was attacked by the industry but I held my ground and not only that, I bite these dogs that try  to suppress me.


To Cruel Santino and Bella Shmurda, I say a big thank you. Young legends.”

The Nigerian talent clearly has an understanding of how to make a hit record, as well as navigating the music industry with a clean heart. Fresh from starring in the latest Nocta X Nike collaboration, ODUMODUBLVCK is well on his way to stardom in his own continent and far beyond.