Don Strapzy’s growth into Dru Blu

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By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

18 Oct 2011

January 2010 was a pivotal month for SBTV, when the innovative media platform introduced some of the UK’s hidden lyrical gems. One of those gems was Don Strapzy. Another talent hailing from the Blue Borough

Bring Ross Kemp to my block, I’ll show him matics are, we aint gona box F*** Arim Khan, I’d rather spray up your block, Afghanistan

My nightmare is being 30 and brass, I’m out here because I’m thirsting for cash

He then presented the streets with emotional track “Tears from the heart”

Out of respect for his mother, is the only reason I didn’t let my dogs smother him… F these snakes, no honour just slaves for the Queen’s face

So since his F64 Dru Blue has released Blue Magic, Blue World Order, Blue Steel and Snack Box

The iRecords artist who’s Blue Steel mixtape has sold nearly 10,000 copies shows he is clearly enjoying his art form. In such a short space of time his music clearly has grown. This is exemplified by this is his season 3 F64:

I’m a wolf surrounded by sheep, I don’t get at dem, I step with dem, I use my position here to sheppard them

My mum’s a nurse, her wage dropped but her tax risen, anger got my thoughts corrupt with these mad visions

I don’t respect the rapper rapping with the most fame, I respect the rapper trapping in the cold rain

While we all wait in anticipation for “Humble and Hungry” to drop in late October/early November check out the documentary:

To hear one of Dru Blu’s classics, just click the download link here:

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