Drill Music videos on PornHub


By Sulay


4 Jul 2018

Drill music videos on pornhub?

Multiple drill music videos have been deleted off Youtube due to false accusations that drill influences violence and gang crime. The Metropolitan Police also claimed that drill causes a rise in knife crime but now some of the deleted videos have began to reappear on PornHub.

The decision of removing drill music videos was in the hands of the Metropolitan police commissioner Cressida Dick. Discussing the actions, Dick stated,

“Drill music is associated with lyrics which are about glamorising serious violence. They describe the stabbings in great detail, joy and excitement.”

I believe that instead of the news, etc making the negative stuff known worldwide, why not mention the positive the positive impact drill has? The success stories from ‘Drill’. The peoples lives that have changed for the better because of ‘Drill’ ?. It just doesn’t make sense. Product of their environment, not the other way round.

1011, who were recently sentenced to jail after members pleaded guilty to an armed attack, are one of the artists to suffer from the ban. The police applied for a court order, banning the group from making drill music in the future. 1011 are banned from mentioning death or injury in any music they produce in the future.

Crib sessions by the legendary Tim Westwood can also currently be found on PornHub, leaving people shocked by how far the ban on drill has come.