Drill Pioneer Carns Hill Joins Ebz In New Producer Series ‘Behind The Hits’

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

3 Feb 2022

Contributing to the foundation of UK drill music, pioneer Carns Hill chops it up with Ebz talking on Carns Hill’s journey through music, releases, opinions and more.

Known to work with some of the biggest names in the rap scene, Carns Hill has produced for artists such as 67, Youngs Teflon, Blade Brown, K Trap, Reeko Squeeze and more. Carns Hill’s longevity in the scene is a reflection of his raw, unique talents and it is only right we talk to him on the art of production.

‘Behind The Hits’ is a producer based series in partnership with Novation, discussing the evolution of music production in the UK as a whole and within their era. With a handful of multiple producers, we gage an insight of what production in the UK really is.

Tap in to the first episode of ‘Behind The Hits’ with Carns Hill above!