Dublin’s Archy Moor Shares His Brand New Single “The Long Road” Featuring Osquello

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

10 Jul 2020

Nigerian born, Dublin raised rapper Archy Moor releases his first single of 2020, The Long Road, featuring North London’s Osquello.

The single fuses the modern soundscape in with both Archy and Osquello’s bars intertwining between the jazz-infused backdrop. Produced by fast-rising producer GAPTOOF, the pair compliment each other perfectly.

Speaking on the track, Archy explains; “The track touches on the trudge and hardships before reaching something beautiful, and acknowledging the journey it takes to see it. It’s not always the easiest trying not to be consumed by the negativity your facing, but somehow it does get better, we just need more peace and more love.”

Osquello adds; “The fact we are in some messed up world situation, but the same personal small issues / beautiful things are what fuel me and get me going still. But it’s a long way till I can even come to terms with them issues / beautiful situations”

Listen to The Long Road below and on Apple Music here.