Dublin’s OG The Story Drops ‘Evolution By Any Means’ EP

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

28 Oct 2020

Irish Nigerian rapper OG The Story, has returned with his brand new 7-track EP titled, Evolution By Any Means.

Spread across 7 tracks, OG The Story, known for his compelling storytelling, wordplay and infectious flows, has packed exactly this in the project. Covering a variety of different sounds, the rappers artistry only shines from start to finish.

Speaking on the release, OG The Story commented; “This project is about self-expression and striving to be the best version of myself, which has led me to explore key themes including identity, consciousness, and self-love. This EP is telling the story of my journey to achieve my highest potential, while delving into a variety of life experiences with the insights and lessons gained from them. The relationship between the individual and community is also touched on in parallel to the key themes of the project, with the hope to inspire others to be their best selves”.

Listen to the Evolution By Any Means below.