[BREAKING NEWS] Duggan jury concludes police shooting lawful


By Georgina


8 Jan 2014

The jury at the inquest into the death of Mark Duggan have come to the conclusion that the shooting was lawful.

Mark was shot dead by police in Ferry Lane, Tottenham Hale, on 4th August 2011, and for the past few weeks the jury, made up of seven females and three males, have been considering their conclusions.

There have been constant changes to the ‘official’ story of Duggan’s death since it happened, and the case has been highly reported in the media owing to the controversy surrounding the circumstances of his death.

The inquest started on 16th September 2013, and the jury were asked to reach a verdict of either unlawful killing, lawful killing or open verdict. Judge Cutler instructed the members of the jury to tick the box “unlawful killing” if they were sure that Duggan did not have a gun in his hand.

RIP Mark Duggan, 1981-2011.