Dynamic Duo AE return with new provocative single ‘Capri-Sun’

Shelby Briggs

By Shelby Briggs

Shelby Briggs

5 Sep 2023

Ads & Els solidify their reputation for pushing musical boundaries by showing off their authentic edge again. ‘Capri-Sun’ is raw, confident and empowering. The intro lyric ‘I think I got the best Kitty in the continent’ solidifies AE’s fiery nature. ‘Capri-Sun’ starts as it means to go on as the provocative lyrics don’t stop there as Ads & Els exchange verses about their freak side, seamlessly & unapologetically.

AE have made waves in the music scene recently as their unique blend of Drill, R&B and Lo-fi elements is refreshing to the current UK music scene. They’ve even received accolades from Rapsody, a Grammy nominated US superstar. Combined with the success of their other singles, “Not your girl”, “Mistaken” and “Tell me”, the critically acclaimed duo continue to grow their fanbase and show why their seductive lyrics & catchy melodies makes them ones to watch.

Hailing from South London, the duo have come a long way and ‘Capri-Sun’ is another single to add to their string of successful singles. Listen to it here!