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Mixtape Madness Team

8 Apr 2012

So we have been in a recession for over 51 months so the last thing you would expect to hear is that law enforcers are preventing people from creating legitimate jobs? Sounds strange right?

Last year we attended the OMAs and it was one the highlights of the calender. I remember attending thinking to myself that it was such an important platform for underground artists, DJs, producers and the scene in general. The event had no malice and it was a celebration and blessing to have the whole scene under one roof and it was testimony to

self determination

, all the hard work we have all put in to seeing the scene grow. As nominees, I was looking to forward to this year’s event, as my fresh trim and Mixtape Madness jumper illustrated, so what happened? Why on Thursday night was I stuck at home? Well it looks like Snakeyman possesses the answer to this question:

Speaking of self determination it is very interesting that this is a point that seems to stem out of this recent Akala interview with regards to taking ownership of a scene that folks from inner city council estates have created:

We have been bombarded with emails from people expressing their disgust at the lack of respect shown towards the organisers of the OMAs. Last someone sent following DM saying, “We don’t want no help or help handouts, we just want the opportunity to make it for ourselves but its like they want us to beg for financial aid” accompanied with the following video:

Either way as a tax payer and law abiding citizen, I would like to hope my money doesn’t go towards a system that penalizes people from trying to build their legitimate careers and get away from the temptations of life of crime.

What are your folks guys?

Irrespective we are looking forward to the rescheduled OMA even because you its going to be certified!!!

K Kush