Ed Sheeran finally cracks America


By Georgina


16 Jul 2013

Despite having been slightly off the UK radar for the past few months thanks to his spell in America, Ed Sheeran has managed to impress us all with the recent download figures on from his Thank You mixtape. Despite the fact that it was released two years ago, it has had 2,000 downloads in 24 hours.

Mr Sheeran performed on the NBC’s Today Show at the weekend, where American fans had queued for two entire days to watch him. It might be safe to say that’s he’s finally cracked the US – which took significantly less time than a lot of the UK’s rising stars! Well done Edward. Better yet, he’ll be supporting serial man-eater Taylor Swift on her tour of the USA and Canada this summer which is sure to pull in a few more fans.

We’re proud of the whiz kid for managing this feat in such a short amount of time and still staying down to earth.

[youtube id=”kImuS529pd0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

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