Ed Sheeran makes a cheeky shoutout to Kojo Funds

Lisa Mariee

By Lisa Mariee

Lisa Mariee

21 Jan 2017

Ed Sheeran – one of the pioneers of British music – has been absent from the music for the last year to experience life away from music and social media.

In this time he managed to travel all over the world including to Ghana where he linked up with the UK’s very own Fuse ODG !

Now that the King is back, he’s really expressing the love of the U.K. Underground scene! In this interview Ed was asked who he’s listening to atm and to our surprise our very own Kojo Funds was the first on the list!

Kojo Funds had amazing 2016 with ‘Dun Talking’ being a number club classic for all! So excited for what he’s about to grace us with next, and should we be expecting a collab with the two?

link to the video is below