ELLE YAYA Releases Highly Awaited Debut Album ‘Pharmacy’

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

6 Apr 2021

Following up from a string of successful singles, rising songstress ELLE YAYA has released her highly awaited debut album ‘Pharmacy’.

Spread across 10 dynamic tracks, ‘Pharmacy’ is laced with blissful R&B melodies that go hand-in-hand with a slew of candid lyrics. Exploring her experiences with depression and addiction, the songstress navigates us through her intricate mind in a vulnerable yet fearless fashion.

Speaking on the album, ELLE YAYA commented; “I wrote these songs whilst discovering who I was, growing up, partying, suffering with PTSD, severe depression, all whilst in active addiction. I think it’s safe to say (for lack of a better term) it was fucking chaos. I chose the name Pharmacy because the process was medicinal. You go to the pharmacy to get what you need, I needed each of these songs and the process of writing them to see that my life was totally unmanageable, I needed to get well.”

Listen to the album below.