Ess_West Unveils Romance-Infused New Single ‘You’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

11 Aug 2022

Brixton-based artist Ess West has returned with new single ‘You’. Channeling a romantic summertime 2-step vibe, ‘You’ is a song about eventually putting
yourself first and the warmth that accompanies that action. Transitional yet intimate, the track’s slow and calming yet danceable elements make it feel like those wistful last nights of summer.

His second single release of the year, it follows June’s ‘Ouch’. South London-raised artist Ess West’s recent output draws inspiration from what many would
consider disparate worlds of transatlantic rap and UK indie. He has honed an individual soundscape which he now implements in full force through his own music and visual experiences, with a string of further releases and production work in the pipeline.