Etta Bond Gives Hit Single “On A Beach” A Remix With Help From Double S

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

15 Dec 2020

The songstress showcases her knack experimentation on the fresh new remix of her hit single “On A Beach” featuring Grime’s Double S. 

Although Etta Bond is renowned for her position on the front lines of UK Soul, she’s not one to shy away from combining her soothing sound alongside the other flavoursome sonics this country has to offer. Calling on Double S is the perfect example of this. 

Adding some extra flavour to the soulful love ballad, Double S weaves in plenty of powerful punchlines alongside wit-driven wordplay. Over the new and improved uptempo instrumental which features a fun new rhythm section alongside Etta’s chopped and screwed vocal swoons. That make it close to impossible for you to not dance to the beat! 

Tap into the remix below…