Exclusive Review: Digga D Raises The Bar With His ‘Made In The Pyrex’ Mixtape

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

25 Feb 2021

Digga D, over the years has become a staple name within British Rap – although some may argue “he makes music for TikTok” – the rising hit-maker has flown to the forefront of the game with his care-free attitude, comedic take, and top-notch artistry. Helping pave the lane for many Drill artists yet to arise, the promising talent has proved himself as a force to be reckoned with! Following the release of his chart-entering hits including “No Diet”, “Woi”, “Chingy” and more recently with “Bringing It Back” alongside AJ Tracey, the London native is gearing up for the release of his highly awaited mixtape entitled ‘Made In The Pyrex’.

Spread across 12 tracks with guest appearances from AJ Tracey, Sav’O, ZK and Birmingham’s very own M1llionz, ‘Made In The Pyrex’ is filled from start to finish with an assortment of sounds that supporters have been patiently waiting for! Although the mixtape is set to drop tomorrow, we’ve given our exclusive take on what’s yet to come! ربح المال

Welcoming the tape with “Intro”, this track serves his care-free and comedic touch on a shining platter for all to hear! Setting the tone for what’s yet to come, it’s the not-so-perfect delivery of lines such as “Sitting down in my cell / Chatting to my man’s girl” that make him that little bit more likeable – he doesn’t take himself seriously and people admire him for that!

Sprinkled with his signature explosive – and catchy – adlibs throughout, we navigate through the head-bopping sounds of “Bluuwuu”, “Chingy” and “Bringing It Back” alongside West London’s hit-maker AJ Tracey before stumbling across an exceedingly highly-awaited collaboration with fellow newcomer M1llionz. Filled with everything a supporter would want from the pair, “No Chorus” see’s both M1llionz and Digga D go back-to-back on 3 minutes of straight greaze! Now, let’s be honest, we always knew this one was going to bang. Accommodating cold wordplay, dynamic flows, and wheel-up worthy bars from start to finish both artists flow seamlessly across the Itchy-production. مواقع الرهان على المباريات

Keeping the hype alive, we journey into the energy-driven sounds of “Woi” before attending a 40 second interlude entitled “Clout Is Killing My People” that spits nothing but facts! Tapping CGM’s Sav’O and ZK for “Folknem”, the menacing production courtesy of X10, HL8, Scott Supreme and Scott Styles takes centre stage. Although the song only clocks in at just under 3 minutes, it’s just long enough to encapsulate their combined gritty, raw and assertive style.

By this point we know Digga loves to sample old-school songs and if you listen to “My Brucky” carefully, you will recognise both the sample and flow from 50 Cent’s release named “My Buddy”. Putting his contemporary spin on the classic hit, the London native has smashed it yet again!

Manoeuvring through “Gun Man Sound” we are welcomed with what’s arguably one of the best tracks from the mixtape entitled “Window”. Measuring in at just over 2 minutes long, “Window” is the ultimate Yardie joint! I can already hear the vivid echoes of “WHEEL IT!” in the coming shows and events whilst all drinks rise to the air!

Closing out the project with “Trust Issues”, it’s safe to say Digga did nothing but deliver top-notch music throughout! Giving supporters what they’ve been waiting for, it would come to no surprise if the soon-to-be star bagged a top 5 with this wheel-up worthy project! روليت اون لاين

Make sure you listen to the mixtape tomorrow! We know you’ll love it!