[@ExplicitLDN] Top 5 Mixtapes of the last 5 years

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

24 Sep 2015

First and foremost shout to ExplictLDN for taking on this task because within the team we all differing Top 5’s which included the likes Youngs Tef, Giggs, Chip, Bugzy, Section Boys, Wretch 32, Mover, Ghetts, Potter Payper, Fekky (you get the gist).

In the last 5 years we have been graced with some great music by artists in the UK so top 5 is virtually impossible but here is  a try…. over to @ExplicitLDN:

The past five years have been an amazing journey for UK music and the growth of our scene is evident. With various mixtapes and albums climbing National Charts and spreading awareness of our scene and our culture, we have made a significant impact in the UK. With so many projects flooding the country we believe that these mixtapes are the best mixtapes within the last five years. In no particular order, here they are:

Skepta – Blacklisted
Skepta has already left a legacy for himself as the most impactful artist of our generation. However, fans of Skepta were able to go on a journey of growth with him as a musician to witness how his music has evolved and adapted throughout the years. Blacklisted was the mixtape that defined Skepta’s career and his true calling as an artist. Blacklisted was the stepping stone to Skepta making the conscious decision to keep his music organic and true to the music that means the most to Skepta, which is why this mixtape deserves a lot of recognition.

Nines – From Church Rd to Hollywood
With Nines’ dropping his debut mixtape it was a real game changer for the UK Rap scene. We do not recall the UK being that excited for an underground rapper before. The Church Road artist has become an overnight sensation for his witty wordplay and suave demeanour. ‘From Church Rd to Hollywood’ had all the components of a classic mixtape. There were 21 solid tracks covering many topics such as life living in North West, trapping and a selection of very personal tracks. Over the years the mixtape has become more relevant and we feel it deserved to be recognised as an important mixtape for the sheer demand of music from Nines.

J Spades – More Money More Pagans (MMMP)
Hackney has a lot of talent within the UK Rap scene. However, J Spades blew the competition out of the water and was in total control of the UK Rap scene for a significant amount of time with his debut mixtape. J Spades was one of the hottest underground rappers of our time that produced nothing but bangers. With a diverse set of features J Spades always promoted the idea of collaborating and working with different people regardless of what area they represent which is why this mixtape is definitely up there with the greats.

Blade Brown – Bags & Boxes 2
The Bags & Boxes trilogy made a significant impression on the UK Rap scene and proved that quality is certainly more valuable than quantity. Blade Brown changed the music game and the culture of trapping. Blade Brown inspired a nation of rappers and has played a major role in proving that you can make it as an independent rapper. Bags & Boxes 2 was the mixtape that had quite an experimental sound whilst staying true to the form of trap music. Bags & Boxes 2 was the mixtape that gave trap music a refined sound and it deserves to be mentioned as an important mixtape for the UK Rap scene.

Rimzee – The Upper Clapton Dream
Rimzee is an artist that gained instant popularity for his debut mixtape. ‘The Upper Clapton Dream’ may be one of the most underrated mixtapes of our time. Having obtained over 10,000 downloads; Rimzee was the first member of Mixtape Madness’ 10K Club which proves that the quality of the mixtape surpassed the expectations of a lot of people in the UK. The mixtape speaks on everything that defines UK Rap and the mixtape speaks on various topics which is a day in the life of Upper Clapton. Rimzee has been considered to be one of the hardest rappers and still has his name buzzing everywhere up to this day.
What do you guys think of the list? Who would be in your top 5 mixtapes in the last five years? Keep us posted and let us know what you think!