Fekky Has Initiated His Own Grassroots Organisation To Support Black Talent Within Music & Arts

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

25 Jun 2020

Yesterday, Fekky took to social media to announce his brand new venture named the C&C Foundation.

The C&C Foundation is named after his two sons; the aim of this grassroots organisation is to help support the next generation’s Black British creatives who indulge in Music and Arts.

Taking to Instagram, Fekky stated he is looking for people to get involved as well as companies and business who would be willing to invest into the funds of the C&C Foundation. If you are interested, check out the website here.

Fekky commented; “My first target will be my own borough of LEWISHAM to start with. We wanna focus on, help with talents such as music and arts, regeneration, mental health, community building, and hopefully get to a point where we can offer start up business loans. I have my own ideas but I believe the community isn’t one person so I’m looking for a board of 5 – 10 people from the area”.

“I am also reaching out to companies n businesses to invest in our fund the same way we support their brands.. and build em”.

“I really mean this and I want to make a change from the bottom of my heart ….this is just the start!”

“BUT the start is the important part… feel free to check out more info on our website www.ccfoundationorg.com or contact us via email [email protected]

“Stay bless stay positive you are kings n queens never forget that”