Femi Jaye Unveils Vibrant Visuals For ‘Bimmer’

Amanda Da Great

By Amanda Da Great

Amanda Da Great

28 Mar 2021

East London’s Femi Jaye has returned with his latest single ‘Bimmer’ – and accompanying the high-energy lacing this audio, are vibrant visuals.

Jaye dives into the rhythmic afro-swing production with an effortless manner; his delivery demonstrating fluidity and confidence which matches up to the song’s vibe. The artist glides off his verses, weaving in a catchy hook that listeners will be all to familiar with by end of this 3-minute track.

The visuals serve psychedelic-galore with a slow, rotation of the main shot all while the frames change between different scenes of Femi, and a combination of dazzling, neon-based shades that match the fly of ‘Bimmer’.

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