Finesse Foreva’s SK & TK Launch DRILLANTIC RECORDS!

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

18 Apr 2020

Finesse Foreva is proud to announce the launch of Drillantic, spring-boarding off the back of the release of FF’s Co Founder JB Made It produced Drill anthem with French Montana entitled “That’s a Fact”.

Drillantic Records is a brand-new record label that are launching with silent partners in order to create a global culture for Drill music. The success of the “EU Drillas” mixtape with Skengdo & AM enlisting the talent of various Drill artists from across Europe helped to fuel the vision for this boundary pushing project.

It can be very difficult for UK producers, not just UK artists, to break the US market, never mind the worldwide market. Therefore, Drillantic’s mission is to create an ecosystem of UK producers and American artists that have heavily embraced the UK Drill sound, as well as facilitate cross-continental collaborations with UK and US Drill artists.

Finesse Foreva’s founders TK and SK will be at the forefront of this label commented; “Finesse Foreva is self-sustainable at this point, handles so many different genres now. We feel we can take a bit of step back from it, lead it from behind the scenes, whilst our talented team does what they do best, push the music you love, no matter the genre. Drillantic is dedicated to Drill, we’re going to be personally flying the flag for UK Drill until it’s absolutely everywhere

TK added.. “we’ve come a long way from being featured in news reports and articles about drill causing knife crime but I bet they won’t report this positive step or the growth

Drillantic is looking to build a widely known movement connecting the dots on every corner Drill is etched on.