[Flashback Moments]


By Feyona9


14 Dec 2011

I’ve always been an ‘old skool’ kind of girl or maybe I’m just stuck in my ways and afraid of change (shrugs), who knows what the actual prognosis is but all I’m aware of is that something about classic ‘garage’ aka ‘grime’ just makes me want to get up and begin trampling on my bed out of glee and excitement. Anything considered vintage is always deemed more intriguing than something which may be new; I think that’s down to the history and contextual value something with age can hold and will forever hold.

Yesterday as I was routinely indulging in my regular musical antics, I had a slight reminiscent moment which actually lasted the majority of the day. I became so excited about what I was listening to; I felt it only right to share it amongst my fellow grime listeners. On today’s agenda I have picked the ever so funny, the ever so memorable, the ever so experience most girls can say they have had with a boy in their teenage life time – ‘The Streets: Get Out My House Remix’.

This track takes me back a good 5 years, featuring the likes of; D Double E, Bruza, Kano and Demon. With this ‘bouncy’ beat produced by The Streets, each artist seems to have fun with this track and I think back then that was one of the greater beauties of grime. Nowadays everything is so serious and although artists are depicting ‘real life’ situations via through their music, that I must admit I am very fond of it can be all so depressing once compared to this track. I am now about to begin to feature the part I so dearly love about writing these articles…

Reciting the lyrics!!!

D Double E:

“…but you can’t be on a long ting at my house…. ‘cause my mum will soon come back to the house, so after the quickie u have to quickly get out…”


“…telling me her ex man’s a pillock but I’m not interested, if you’re not giving it up get out or watch me bash me bishop…”


“…you aint got no time for you to fix your hair up all nice, you should call a cab I’ll pay fine, 5035555…”


“…what you’re not letting off, I want your clothes off at the sound of my cough (ahem)…”
“…I wana lash and you’re not having that, so furthermore give me all my drink money back…”

Every time I listen to this track it just puts a big fat smile on my face, the lyrics from each of these talented artists are so amusing let alone iconic. I personally feel Demon’s verse was the best out of the line up, who was yours?