[Flashback Moments 2]


By Feyona9


19 Dec 2011

N17 Tottenham, Meridian Walk to be a bit more precise is where this iconic freestyle originates from. I was saving this particular freestyle for another piece I was working on but what the heck there’s no shame in repeating something this good twice is there? Now I’m sure the true hardcore grime listeners out there are all too familiar with the likes of the Meridian crew and the freestyle I’m about to have my reminiscent moment with. However for all those who are not, I would just like you to do one thing for me and cast your minds back to circa 2005 and just try to comprehend the very reason as to why you were not aware of this freestyle. Not to worry as all is not lost, I have dung around on YouTube and found in my opinion the collective’s best freestyle although that same magical feeling I felt whilst viewing it 6 years ago will be impossible to recapture, I assure you disappointment will be the last feeling conjured up after these 3mintues.

*smiles with glee*
, I remember in secondary school the boys reciting certain lyrics, lyrics that I heard on a regular basis. As of now I can guarantee 110% that the majority reading this will also know these bars word for word;


– Everybody knows you’re some goody, goody that screw face and that Roc-a-Wear hoody just ain’t working….
– From day one I said I was serious, but nobody took me serious……BOY BETTER KNOW! I’m serious…
– Joe tried to jack me where is he? Alex tried to bite me where is he? Jay wants to clash me where is he? Dominic dissed me where is he? Labels wana sign me where are they?….


– You think you’re dutty but right now Bossman’s flow that’s mucky…
– Them can’t walk the walk there like me, them can’t talk the talk there like me, big bad man
Bossman birdie, I see you but you can’t see me….

Big H:

– When you see H you know what’s happening…
– Give me space, give me room….it’s real out here not a silly cartoon….jump in my GT zing, zing, zoom….nuff MC’s wana copy my tune…

Big H was that MC back then that you just had to learn his lyrics, every time I watch that freestyle I can’t help but question where is he? And why didn’t he choose the path to stay consistence in the grime scene thus gracing us with his talents.