Flo Milli Drops New Single ‘Never Lose Me’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

5 Dec 2023

Flo Milli, one of the most important voices in a new generation of female Hip-Hop artists, has come through with her latest single, ‘Never Lose Me’. The track has also had an alternate version released that features man of the moment Lil Yachty.

This new song follows up on two previous releases, ‘BGC’, and ‘Chocolate Rain’. All three songs will be appearing on Flo’s upcoming project, ‘Fine Ho, Stay’, which looks set to drop in the not too distant future.

The artist was also featured on XXL’s first all female cypher, curated by Latto. Coming into fine form before the release of her next album, Flo Milli is asserting herself as a leader in her field.