FLOHIO Unveils Debut New Album “Out Of Heart”

Harvey Marwood

By Harvey Marwood

Harvey Marwood

8 Oct 2022

Funmi Ohiosumah, known professionally as FLOHIO, is a Nigerian-born hip-hop artist from South London. Her music is characterised by unique beats, expansive themes, genre fluidity and periodic double-time flows.

An opus brimming with brutal honesty and euphoric production, FLOHIO is a consistent breath of fresh air that is ever-present with the release of her debut new album ‘Out Of Heart’. Adopting various different flows whilst exploring alternative sounds within this complete body of work, the Bermondsey rapper and songwriter thrives through captivating cacophonies of intricate soundscape – maintaining her truth with artistic poise whilst elegantly exploring the fringes of UK rap.

Standout tracks such as ‘Cuddy Buddy’, ‘SPF’ and ‘Highest’, which were all strung out as singles during the build up for the album, almost don’t maintain their standout factor as the whole album is so meticulously crafted throughout. The project has it all – with ‘Grace’ feeling like a real life dialogue influenced ‘deep’ track, and tracks such as ‘Late Set’ and ‘Feel Alive’ feeling more charged up and lively crowd pleasing tracks.

If you don’t know about FlOHIO yet, get to know!

Watch the visuals for ‘SPF’ above and listen to the album below :