Food For Thought…


By Feyona9


22 Nov 2011

Is it just me, or is everybody a rapper nowadays?

Scientific metaphors, heartfelt content, distinctive flows, these were some of the attributes once upon a time only a selected few obtained. DVs once said in an interview his first mixtape was named ‘One in a Million’ because back when he started off there were only a few rappers in the game. However now with the naming of his second mixtape ‘One in a Billion’ (which I must add is totally worth the listen if you haven’t done so already) there are ultimately thousands upon thousands of people out there claiming to have these attributes. However the truth is not every Tom, Dick and Helen is cut out for the title of a ‘rapper’ even the title of ‘musician’ will not suffice.

The stereotypical view of the term ‘rapper’ is becoming more and more apparent to me as I really consider the whole notion of it. Becoming an artist use to be a dream inspired by watching some of the greats at work; 2pac, Biggie, Nas, Jay – Z, Public Enemy, LL Cool J (in his younger days), Run DMC, Queen Latifah, Salt n Peppa etc. But now I feel like the dream to become a ‘rapper’ is purely for the lifestyle or sadly because it’s the only option in the ‘hood’ (to Trap, or to Rap, that is the question). What I am about to say next might sound a bit crude but it’s what I feel, males nowadays feel like because they have had a hard life growing up in the ‘hood’ with no father figure around, that this is the exact requirement they need to pursue this career. Now I’m not saying that all those factors do not help, because as we know some of the best rappers to date are ones who portray their struggle through song; struggle that the ‘average man’ can immediately relate to. Although when did the world turn upside down and it was deemed okay to choose a path into music without possessing the key ingredient of Talent! It’s not enough to think that your own lyrics are the best things since slice bread or even for your friends to think it also; but take a real test and get some harsh critique and see what the public’s opinions are of you. If you have a majority following then by all means follow your dreams on the basis that you are actually good enough to make them a reality. On the other hand if the majority think you are to put it bluntly s***, then please take that on board and do not see it as an attack on your craft as it is far from that and instead is just honesty’s way of kicking down your door and letting you know that rapping is just not for you.