Food For Thought…


By Feyona9


29 Nov 2011

From his track “Wait For Me (Gone Till November)” to his current release “Young Spray’s Back”, this ‘Realer Than Most’ underground rapper lets his fans as well as his competition know that he is back with a vengeance; and I for one can’t wait to hear what Spray has cooked up for us in the foreseeable future. I have already been informed that he is already working on his, if I am not mistaken 4th mixtape ‘Realer Than Most Vol3’ and I don’t know about anyone else out there but I can’t wait! Remember being about 5 years old on Christmas day (and if presumably you were brought up in an African household you had to attend church first) before then running up to the Xmas tree with awe and excitement hoping that ‘Santa’ aka Mummy and Daddy have made the wishes on your Christmas list come true; well let’s just say that the release of Spray’s overdue mixtape will somewhat give me that very same feeling.

Now don’t get me wrong DVS’ mixtape made me a very happy bunny indeed on its release but something just tells me that Young Spray will be able to top that. For me it’s not a case that Spray could arguably be the better rapper out of the two although it’s more of his nature that really draws me in – the fact that he tells it as it is. Upon the first hearing of his ‘comeback track’ he says and I quote “….hanging out of a window of a car that is stolen…” obviously this statement would be deemed as politically incorrect as stealing cars is a criminal offence, but hey you just can’t fault Spray for his honesty and that’s what I love. Vocal toning, also plays apart in my fixation with him as every female must admit you can’t go wrong with a deep voice but as well as that it’s the harshness of it that screams an authentic ‘hood’ underground rapper and these are the same similarities that keep up the constant comparison he has with now mainstream rapper ‘Gigs’. Even with the similarities I still feel Young Spray maintains his crown as being the better rapper because of the fact that he is still underground, so he still obtains that raw edge. I’m not saying ‘Gigs’ has lost this completely but like the Wretch 32 track goes it’s just not how it ‘Used to Be’.

Undoubtedly when Spray does get signed which will happen very soon, I wouldn’t be surprised if he also loses his ‘raw edge’ and it’s not the fault of the artist at all. Getting signed for a ‘hood’ rapper is basically the pinnacle of their career as it means they have been accepted by a mass, versatile audience; rather than those originating from the ‘streets’ where relation to the kind of music they put out is like second nature.

(Drifting away from the initial idea of Young Spray for a moment)….

…I find it quite funny that underground rappers seem to live out a cycle where they rap about the ‘struggle’ which nowadays everyone from a ‘deprived community’ can relate to, they then create a crazy buzz for themselves, which lures the attention of record labels, thus providing them with that sought for 6 figure deal income, ultimately eliminating the ‘struggle’ from their lives and paving the way for the next new ‘road rapper’ to continue this very same cycle.