Food For Thought…


By Feyona9


28 Feb 2012

‘The prodigal son returns!…’ but in this case we would say daughter and to say I haven’t been vacant from the blogging side of things concerning this website would be an understatement. However all that matters at this present moment in time is that I am back, back with a new thought process as it happens. I use the term ‘new’ loosely as I wouldn’t say this is a topic I shy away from when I’m having one of my usual daily rants but the other day I said a statement out loud to myself and I just had to share it with you guys. Now when you first read what I am about to say you may be a little confused at first, as I do sound quite selfish but I can assure you that as I begin to elaborate on my point it will all become clear like crystal…

So….here it is plain and simple, “…artists like; Nolay, Lioness, Young Spray, Dvs etc are not allowed to blow…”

What I mean by this statement in layman’s terms is that I don’t think I could watch yet another great underground artist make that drastic transition to becoming a ‘mainstream sensation’ – as odd as it may seem. I refuse to believe that the same qualities of being raw, uncut, and controversially emotional that enabled them to generate an interest from a major record label in the first place are the same things that are frowned upon when being ‘sold’ to a wider audience once that ‘I have been signed status is reached’. I don’t know if I am being naïve in this crazy music scene but I was under the impression that a major record labels main purpose in life was to seek out that fresh, new, underground talent and then conform the views and opinions of a wider audience thus creating an artist that will be accepted by new mediums.

A great example of this is ‘Mr Talking the Hardest’ himself – Giggs; I admire the fact that he is very much the same guy. I would almost take it as far as saying he is still very much ‘hood’ as it goes and sadly enough we all know that will be his downfall when trying to reach longevity in this game as a signed artist. Why is that? you may have muttered irritably under your breaths, well when you have the power to influence millions of people through the words and sweet melodies of your music you automatically step inside that box of becoming some little kids role model, which is not a horrible thing at all but does invite an ample amount of limits to what you can put out in your music.

Society will never let go of the fact that music is not to blame for the bad things that happen in the world because do you know what society?  This world we live in is a twisted dictatorship anyway and bad things are ultimately going to happen regardless. Like let’s not be oblivious to the fact that we know people sell drugs! It happens and to some it’s seen as a way of embellishing in a nice tax free lifestyle, sometimes when I get up in the morning and think about venturing onto my joke of an occupation; the thought of dipping my foot in to test out those waters does cross my mind (frequently lol). But back to the issue at hand what I am trying to say is the sense of being a ‘role model’ in society is once again the cause into why  ‘trap rappers’ will never sell records, tours or anything else but get us fellow underground lovers ‘gassed’ up from their buzz. (Notice how I did try to use the word ‘never’ lightly as I will always have hope in that ‘trap music’).

Before I begin to conclude this thought I want to leave you with what actually initiated my thought process in the first place…



Seriously Nicki, like seriously, is that the life you intend to lead now. I won’t lie and say I wasn’t shocked or flabbergasted but behind my biased views I can understand the evolvement that has taken place here. Who’s to say if a couple mill wasn’t waved in front of my face the very strong morals and opinions I stand behind won’t just come tumbling down like a ton of bricks??

I can only hope that when I witness such greatness like these vids below I will harshly be brought back down to reality and reminded about the very reasons as to why I fell in love with the naturalism of underground music.



Young Spray