Food For Thought…..iLuvLive: 16/01/12


By Feyona9


17 Jan 2012

“…I just need Monday evening off I’ve got important uni matters to attend to, so I really need it off…” – this was just part of the lie used to allow myself to get the night off work which thus enabled me to ‘pop my cherry’ as it were and venture down to what I must say was undoubtedly an epic night at XOYO yesterday. For those of you who are unaware of the events which took place merely 24hrs ago, I will take great pleasure in discussing what went down at the first rendition of iLuvLive of 2012…

So…last night’s showcase was a very special one as it was pretty obvious the main objective for the majority of everyone’s attendance; it was the fact that Kano was indeed headlining the event. Like, Mr K…A himself was going to be performing at a venue near me so my presence was totally inevitable but why? Well, on the off chance that I may have caught a new reader on the blog today I will briefly state my issues with this very artist which my regulars will know all too well. Kane Robinson (yep you read correct, I said his government name) came into the grime scene as a real contender; Ghetto Kyote Freestyle, Boys and Girls, P’s & Q’s, the album Home Sweet Home need I go on? So I was only crushed when he left the scene for a while and on his return he just did not bring that same quality of excellence I had once fell in love with.


Anyway, back to the night in question as I eagerly awaited to see what Kano had in store for me the build up to his performance consisted of some light entertainment from a couple of underground acts which was soon about to become a heavy dose of what I would call sheer brilliance, as Kano’s guest artist was called out onto the stage – Ghetts. Ermm… now this is where I begin to get a little confused as I was always under the impression that acts who open up for the main artist at a show are merely meant to warm up the crowd and just have them sitting at the edge of their seats filled with anticipation. That was so not the result of Ghetts’ performance; he had completely preheated, cooked and finished off the audience with his stage presence alone. How can an artists’ performance make a girl trying to go for the sophisticated look sporting wedges (me) just want to throw on my Nike joggers and jump on stage and begin ‘spitting’??? Evidently I have no talent when it comes to warring with bars but that’s how phenomenal Ghetts was last night, the crowd including me were completely gasssseeeeddddddd! I have no idea why I was surprised by this as judging from the levels of his Christmas mixtape Momentum this sort of calibre was only expected.

So with my prejudices against Kano already set I knew he had no chance in hell of ever trying to compete with what I had just experienced. However for a split second, I mean the same amount of time it would probably take for one to blink an eyelid, Kano did give me a glimpse of hope when he ran onto the stage for 2secs at the peak of ‘gassment’ (the excitement within me is so wild right now I’m just making up words) and began to ‘spit’. You can only imagine the thoughts and feelings that were literally hugging my soul at this point as I so wrongly thought could this be the day – 16/01/12 that I proclaim Kano is truly back? Unfortunately it sadly wasn’t. After Ghetts’ had amped us up and left the stage it was obvious Kano wanted to rile us all up in that same way so the dramatic entrance he tried to build up for himself disappointingly didn’t do nothing for me or my soul. Like I found his big headlining performance very mellow in comparison to Ghetts’, I understand the theme he was going for was to showcase his mixtape he had produced with Mikey J but it would not have killed him if he gave us yearning grime fans what we truly wanted! A full performance of a garage classic of some kind. The best part of Kano’s initial performance for me was when he surprised us all and brought on Wretch 32, I think that was the best gift he gave me for the night.

However, before you guys begin to think I’m some green eyed bitch who hates Kano, I must admit that the last segment they all did where the likes of; Nasty, Napper and a few others graced the stage alongside Kano and Ghetts to give us what was indeed the best way to end the night – a game which I just inventively christened Bar for Bar. This concept was devised by Ghetts who thought it would be fun to battle Kano using a ‘finish off my sentence’ type of approach. It was touching to see Kano go back in time for a bit and release the very grime contender I became besotted with as he managed to beat Ghetts by successfully finishing the lyrics he had started.