Food For Thought: iLuvLive – Industry Special 12/03/12


By Feyona9


14 Mar 2012

I am going to try really hard to recollect the events which may have occurred the other night at iLuvLive, however this maybe a little difficult as I must admit my frame of mind was preoccupied elsewhere (waved).

The main performances of the night were English Frank and Mic Righteous. These two artists perfectly coincide with each other as you would expect Frank to deliver that ‘unexpected, wild performance’, whereas Righteous is an artist who will supply you that deep meaningful content. Although this was not exactly the result of the show I am afraid to say; I had high expectations from these two artists and I guess that’s where I failed as a musical fanatic as the key would have been to go there as a ‘free spirit’, just not expecting anything spectacular.  Instead I ventured off to the show with thoughts of English Frank doing something erratic like burning an item of clothing on stage or Mic Righteous mirroring a freestyle of such calibre conveying such anger/passion like that of his ‘Fire in the Booth’.

I don’t know whether is was because I was intoxicated with wine or not but when English Frank hit the stage I was disappointed because I didn’t even realise until he was a verse into his performance. I am not saying he needed to do a running back flip onto the stage to create an extraordinary entrance but come on this is English Frank we are referring to; he is commonly known to be extrovert and controversial. Frank’s performance became boring and ordinary which should not be the case in regards to a live performance with a live band.

However there was a moment, a moment towards the end where I think Frank remembered the sort of character he is and he began chucking lyrics A Capella. He was just in his own world and free with his words that at one point he even forget a verse but the phrase ‘f*** it’ was used to explain this mishap and we the audience accepted that explanation with open arms as that’s the character of English Frank we all know and love – the guy who truly just doesn’t give a f***. #FreeTheRealness

Now regarding Mic Righteous’ performance he did that ‘thing’ I tend to despise from artists, especially those of a ‘underground’ nature. He started performing mainstream material, I am sure I am not the only one who immediately became confused by what was being witnessed as all Mic Righteous really needed was a subtle beat; a guitarist pulling on a couple strings perhaps and his passionate content. That would have done it for me to be honest; that would have been all that was needed to grab my soul. Although to end this post on a good note he did perform a track with an Irish vocalist who won me over by the end of the night called  Kal Lavelle. The pair performed a cute track entilted “I Fell In Love With My Friend”, which to my surprise I thoroughly enjoyed.