Fredwave Unleashes New Track ‘LA LA’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

25 May 2023

North London artist Fredwave has returned to drop his first release of 2023 with his new single, ‘LA LA’. The artist has a unique style both through his production choices and his sharp lyricism, all of which comes to the fore on his latest offering.

Difficult to pin down to any one genre, Fredwave experiments with a Drum N Bass inspired intrumental on ‘LA LA’, flowing melodically across the beat in his signature distinctive vocal. The artist is a key figure in the Alternative UK Rap space, having worked consistently with the likes of KAM-BU and Jeshi, whilst also making waves in his own right.

Speaking on his new track, Fredwave states:

‘LA LA’ started taking shape just after lockdown – I was making a project to follow up my last release in 2017 but due to two of the features not clearing their verses I had to scrap my work. It was around this time where I started collaborating with other musicians more, I thought I could only make music alone & I really wanted to change that and be uncomfortable. I get in my head
a lot while writing / producing my own songs and I knew that with my next releases, I wanted to experiment with new sounds, test my songwriting ability & make something that’s undeniable. In the end ‘LA LA’ is a self-produced song with the help of Charlie Stacey, Jacob Bugden & Couros about the inevitable, everything good must come to an end! Two hounds on the loose, with nothing to lose.’

Fredwave thus has a key part to play in the future of Rap music in this country as we continue to move further and further away from a one-size-fits-all sound. His production prowess coupled with his innate songwriting ability set him apart from his competition, and ‘LA LA’ is a prime example of an artist unbothered by the idea of conformity.