GBNGA releases single ‘Sleep’

Fadumo Khamis

By Fadumo Khamis

Fadumo Khamis

23 Jun 2020

GBNGA’s ‘Sleep’ is inspired by the frustration of missing someone you cannot be with.

I guess it is a song which gives you comfort at a time of unrest and longing.


The song is set in GBNGA’s bedroom after midnight. His bedroom is very humid, and we all know how it feels when you cannot find the right side to sleep on. London is in its 5th week of lockdown and everyone knows how it feels to miss that special someone. GBNGA is offering comfort to
himself and others who know the burden of separation and long distance.  

Reigning from North London, Tottenham, GBNGA has a plan to be a light in his community. Inspired by a range of sounds by music overseas, GBNGA prides his main influence in UK native sounds such as garage, grime and funky house. GBNGA is a product of the generation who finished school and sat close to the TV watching the Jazzie Show. GBNGA would later mature into adolescence with
eclectic interests in Frank Ocean and Tumblr which reflects itself in the introspective nature of his work. 

The breakdown by GBNGA

The chorus begins with,

“When I’m on your mind, do you think of me when you go to sleep?”

GBNGA is up at night wondering if the person on his mind is thinking about him as much as he’s thinking about her. Although GBNGA does not clearly state that he’s thinking about her, we can only assume she’s on his mind by bringing it up. Men struggle to be direct and open about what is really on their mind. The chorus displays questions and statements which hint a sense of overthinking before you go to sleep. 

The verse feels a bit steadier and more stable as GBNGA chronicles a narrative of how two people meet each other for the first time.

“Two strangers who met in the dark, I know it’s more than chance,

feels equivalent to the traditional,

“Once upon a time.

You can imagine an old couple telling their grandchildren about how they met in a club and the rest was history. 

Sleep is a track that makes you feel several things like dancing but on top of everything, its main purpose is to give you comfort at a time where you need it. 

Stream the single here.