Getting Acquainted: Frix Agyemang


By Georgina


31 Jul 2012

How long have you been involved in music, and how come you chose to start in the first place?

Well I remembered writing my first rhymes around the age of thirteen but these times it was grime and I never took it seriously until fifteen when I actually felt this is what I wanna do. My area was known for its grime talents like Esco (R.I.P), Tempa T and others so I was influenced by them really.

You’re a producer, MC and studio engineer. Which came first, and how did you progress?

First came the mic controlling, in grime sets I was a problem [laughs] but I had no one to produce and engineer my tracks so I started studying the art of mixing and mastering and this was when I was fourteen.

What is your favourite method of promotion and why?

Promotion nowadays is a bit of a joke, reason why is there’s too many artists that just aren’t serious popping up out of nowhere which makes us passionate artists look like phonies [laughs].

Do you think that promoting material is becoming increasingly easier owing to the obsession with social media sites, particularly for unknown artists?

I think it’s made it harder because during MySpace days my group’s music (4WRD) was known by our age group all over Essex and I believe this was due to the structure of the site – it gave us a chance.

If you could name one person who has particularly inspired you, who would that be and what effect have they had on your life?

Aww man, it would have to be my n*gga Razor that’s resting in the grave, we both had the same vision and talents and for him I promise to do it like nobody else.

What is your honest opinion of the UK hip-hop scene right now? Could it be better? Or is it at its best?

It’s definitely improved… right now the scene is underground and needs more airplay but I guess that comes with time and structure…

Describe your new mixtape, Ah Gee’s Chronicles: Chapter 1. Will there be a next chapter? If so, how do you aim to approach this?

AGC is my second mixtape – I released Momentum in 2009 which was my first. This mixtape is basically my spiritual, emotional and physical journey through life as an analytic thinker addressing all my perspectives of life. The second chapter will be out but not straight after the 1st.

Other than Ah Gee’s Chronicles, what do you have planned for the rest of the year?

Well I’m starting to shoot videos for my old tracks as a promotion for AGC. There’s also 4WRD, my music group which I hope will agree to releasing a new mixtape as our 2008 one was well known on MySpace, that’s it though really for now!


Twitter: @FrixAgyemang