By Georgina


3 Jul 2013

Mixtape Madness: What does Know Me mean to you?
Tevyn: It’s a very personal song that I’m sure a few will be able to relate to. Know Me is a very therapeutic song for me that helps me get a grip of reality whenever I feel lost.

MM: What do you hope listeners gain from this track
T: I hope they’d be able to relate to it and take comfort in the idea that not everyone has the same generic personalities plastered all over our TV screens and the internet. I also wanted to give people more of an exposure into me, as I don’t often like to explain myself.

MM: Who were your main inspirations and influences to start a career in music?
T: I don’t think I’m quite at the ‘career’ stage yet, but I’d have to mention Usher, Joe Budden, Ghetts, Nas and Jay-Z. They’re my main influences along with Joe Thomas. Razor is one of my inspirations as his work rate, persistence, devotion and determination is admirable Also another UK artist called Kayo Ken.

MM: Who would be a dream collaborative partner, dead or alive?
T: Joe Thomas, Joe Budden or Ghetts, definitely. Ghetts and Budden’s though provoking songs get me every time and Joe Thomas’s range, lyrical ability and ideas are crazy!

MM: Who are you currently rating in the UK scene?
T: Ghetts, Skepta at times, Razor and Kayo Ken right now.

MM: Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
T: Comfortable, hopefully still expressing myself through music, and having fun with it.

MM: What other projects do you have for us coming soon?
T: My debut mixtape Then and Now should be coming out later this year after a few more visuals in the coming months.

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