Ghetts Is The Next Guest On DJ Semtex’s Podcast ‘Hip Hop Raised Me’

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

8 Mar 2021

For this weeks episode of ‘Hip Hop Raised Me’, DJ Semtex is joined alongside the likes of Ghetts for an in-depth chat.

Clocking in at just over an hour long, the pair touch on a variety of things including his Hip Hop influences, connecting with Ed Sheeran and much more. Filled from start to finish with note worthy gems, this is a must listen!

Speaking on the influence that Hip Hop gave him, Ghetts commented; “Obviously, people put me within this Grime artist and yes, they wouldn’t be wrong. I represent the grime culture, but to say that I’ve been influenced by grime more than I have Hip Hop would be a lie. 100%. That would be a lie. And that’s why I’m one of the first lyricists within Grime because I’ve always, from time, I could understand that I could pen it, put pieces together. I was aiming to be a lyricist other than the four bar repeats and the eight bar repeats you know what I’m saying I was aiming to paint a picture that people could visualise and do it in witty ways instead of being so straightforward, you know?”

Listen to the latest episode below.