Do we give U.K. producers enough credit?

Imoh Ekpo

By Imoh Ekpo

Imoh Ekpo

15 Apr 2017

The U.K. scene is booming right now like metro. (see what I did there) The likes of Skepta, Nines, Stormzy, 67, Dave and AJ Tracey have seen massive amounts of success in recent times, truly taking the sound of the U.K. worldwide. On an even more important micro level, they represent the ethnic sub cultures in inner cities that are often forgotten about by the powers that be, giving spread to our voice globally. I know that sounds cliché but think about it, 5 years ago, who would have ever imagined a group that use the word “Skengs” would be touring the U.K and not just touring, selling out their shows! Incredible! Just incredible.

People however must realise that while the artists are the faces of our scene, they do not operate alone. An underrated key element to the success of these artists are the producers. That’s taking nothing away from what the artists have done, there’s only so much a good beat can help you. If your lyrics and flow are trash, a beat from heaven itself will not save you. The combination talented rappers and extremely talented producers have taken U.K music to a whole new commercial level.

In America, the likes of Metro Booming, Mike WiLL Made-It, Young Chop and Zaytoven, just to name a few have attained almost cult status. They are loved so much by so many people. So much so, that if young Metro Booming does not trust you, somebody is willing to put a bullet in your head. That’s real love. In the U.K our producers are not as lauded and that’s something that should change.

American record producer, Metro Booming


U.K. Producer Carns Hill is the secret ingredient to a lot of the bangers that come from South London. He makes most of the instrumentals for 67 and was detrimental to their success. “Redrum” by R6, part the younger gen of 67, was a true show of Carns Hill’s craftsmanship, the beat was incredible. It’s kind of an unwritten YouTube rule that when you see “Prod. By Carns Hill” you like the video beforehand as you already know it’s going to be a banger.

Carns Hill is just one of an extremely talented crop. J-Hus has a unique sound and to get the best out of that sound, would take an equally talented producer and JAE5 is exactly that. He is the master mind to a lot of the bangers produced by J-Hus, including his recent hit “Did you see.”


Carns Hill (left) U.K. Record producer


Steel Banglez has master minded countless bangers over his time, one of the most talented producers, I’ve ever seen. He’s a key component to the recent success of midlands rapper Mist. Without UK producer Quietpvck there would be no 410, no BT and Rendo, how would we ever see that 4-door come? Him and LA Beats really birthed this U.K drill movement and I can’t tell you how long I spent in my room in the past rapping over a Pinero beat, a veteran in the game.

Even with all I’ve named they are still plenty more. These guys are the unsung heroes of our scene and it’s time they start to get the credit they deserve because without them there would be no scene. They are just as important as the rappers.