Grace Carter Drops New Single ‘Riot’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

15 Jun 2023

Highly regarded for her incredible vocal range and stellar vocals, Grace Carter has released her latest single, ‘Riot’. The monumental new track follows on from the release of ‘Bloodwar’ and ‘Pick Your Tears Up’, with all three being released in anticipation of a full length project this summer.

Carter has demonstrated an innate singing ability throughout her career, yet this latest single makes clear that she has the songwriting ability to match. The chorus of the track brings with it a sense of empowerment that is mirrored by Carter’s vocal performance.

Speaking on the track, the artist states:

“Riot is a song about injustice and specifically the emotional and physical injustices that black people face daily. It’s a song that touches on the literal meaning of the word but more for me, it is about the emotional turmoil and the internal riot so many black people experience. It was written in 2014 about the murder of Eric Garner but the sad reality is that the lyrics of the song have constantly been reinforced and made relevant time and time again by systemic racism and police brutality; the horrific incident surrounding the murder of George Floyd further illustrates this. The song is about something very painful and traumatising but it’s also really important to me to represent black joy, power and community. Music has always been a vehicle for me to speak about things that are important to me and this song is me using my voice and doing what I can do to spread a message.”

Carter therefore combines her already impressive musical talents with a songwriting style that is able to convey a powerful message beautifully. With more music on the way soon, Grace Carter could well be on her way to stardom come the end of 2023.