Grenfell Tower, two years later still no justice.

Nourdin L

By Nourdin L

Nourdin L

14 Jun 2019

It has been 2 years since the unfortunate and horrific events of the Grenfell tower fire. The biggest loss of life on British soil since World War Two when the tower block burnt down and claimed an estimated 71 lives.

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The investigation of what actually happened at Grenfell tower and who is responsible is still ongoing. But what was revealed from the aftermath of the fire is that it all came down to profiting and business and is the perfect example of the lower class suffering at the expense of the rich and wealthy.

The company responsible for cladding the tower block subcontracted the job to a smaller company. This company then went on to purchase illegal cladding which isn’t only banned in the UK but is also banned in many different countries including the US and Germany. This cladding was then used to make Grenfell tower “Look nicer”. This cladding contributed to the spread of the flames significantly. The tower also had no sprinklers and fire doors that were not fit for use.

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This highlights the fact that believe it or not there are still more than 200 tower blocks across the UK which still have the exact same problem that Grenfell had before it was set ablaze.

There is a block tower in Salford which is wrapped in cladding just as dangerous to the one used on Grenfell tower. But due to the fact that there is a slight difference between the materials the local council is refusing to remove it.

MV Buildings is the company that owns the block tower in Salford Manchester and is trying to raise awareness and highlight the fact that local governments need to do more to ensure that their residents can sleep in their own homes and feel safe. They have also said that 250 households are being faced with the challenge of having to raise 3 million pounds in order to make their homes safe. As they continue to live in homes wrapped with combustible and extremely flammable insulation. Many of the residents have voiced that they are afraid that what happened to the residents of Grenfell may also happen to them.

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This week the ministry of housing has stated that in the recent four months, that of the three privately owned tower blocks wrapped in dangerous and flammable cladding has been fixed. Meaning that there is an estimated 140 tower block in the UK that is still vulnerable to falling victim to fires similar to that of Grenfell. Meaning that thousands of people are having to live in extremely unsafe housing, two years after London citizens had to watch people burn alive in Grenfell Tower.

This is absolutely disgusting and is another example of the government ignoring the voices of British citizens until it is too late. My heart goes out to those who lost their lives in Grenfell and those who may have lost a loved one and their homes.