Guvna B Announces New Album With ‘Bridgeland Road’ Single

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

31 Jan 2023

Renowned artist, best-selling author, sports pundit and presenter, Guvna B has announced his return with a new album titled The Village Is On Fire. Sharing the project’s first single ‘Bridgeland Road’ featuring Emmy Award winning screenwriter and actress Michaela Coel, Guvna B tells the story of being involved in an unprovoked, racially motivated attack which acted as the catalyst to create this new powerful, harrowing and uplifting body of work.

On ‘Bridgeland Road’, Guvna B details the event that took place in August 2021 with emotionally charged lyricism. Michaela’s feature encourages him to write his experience down as a tool to deal with the state of disappointment in the legal system he found himself in after the investigation was closed and the outcome is a raw and thought provoking offering that displays Guvna B’s revered rapping abilities and razor sharp flow in a way we have not heard before. There’s passion and pain in his voice but ‘Bridgeland Road’ is a song of hope and marks a new and exciting chapter for the artist as he confronts the strained relationships of our current society.

The cinematic visuals for ‘Bridgeland Road’ shot in black and white is a stark insight into the realities of life in Guvna B’s shoes. Set in the brutalist landscapes of London’s estates, he’s presented as an invisible figure to the world around him. Young kids, adolescent teens and the older generation of these environments pass him by as they do their best despite the circumstances they find themselves in and the hostility they are met with before he relives that moment he was attacked. The video for ‘Bridgeland Road’ serves as a difficult reminder that a community cannot thrive if the system is broken.