Gyakie Calls on Omah Lay For Remix of ‘Forever’

Amanda Da Great

By Amanda Da Great

Amanda Da Great

21 Mar 2021

Derived from the original version which appears in her ‘Seed’ EP which is charting at #1 in Ghana; Afro-Fusion artist, Gyakie has called on Omah Lay for the remix of ‘Forever’!

The slow-paced instrumental is seamlessly merged with elements of the Afro-Beats genre and Gyakie’s calming vocals. Combined with the lyrical content’s affectionate nature, and the strong undertones of Soul, this song goes on to exude romance in a delicate way.

Omah Lay adds buzz to the remix by singing in his native language; creating a twist that is cultural and refreshing, whilst being in accordance with the amorous vibe radiated by the track.

Both artists have powered this with their ability to channel what they feel into the musical content; creating a love song of an unconventional, but contemporary nature.

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