[UNDERGROUND MADNESS] Hard Palm Dun In The Building


By Feyona9


25 Aug 2011

Hard Palm is in the building!!

HPD, Dun D, Triple G B, whatever name you choose to associate him with just know that this Tottenham born male is also on the rise (slowly but surely). Already with three mixtapes under his belt, the latest one entitled ‘Good Guy Gone Bad Volume 1’ (Triple G B) and collaborations with fellow North London artist ‘Agyeman’, reformed rapper/revolutionary Jaja Soze and the likes of crossover artist Wretch 32; Hard Palm Dun is definitely one to watch out for. Other reasons as to why HPD qualifies as a contender in the race to success is down to his lyrical content especially in this freestyle entitled ‘Truth Style’. With a mellow, subtle beat it almost feels as though HPD educates the ‘roads’ with each bar he delivers;

“….above all some are waiting for money to call them, no dial tone on their phone so broke crawls in…”

“…nothing goes right for a hater, stop hating if it did, swear to god brother you’d be caking…”

“…the key to success is education, I practice what I preach check my registration…”

“…the pressure of society can push you many ways, if it means you turn to crack cocaine…”

“…if the s*** ain’t yours it ain’t worth you dying for it, but if its yours by all means you can ride for it, think first before you take in an advice it’s not everyone that wants to see a brother doing right”

“…to keep it real don’t mean you need to kill, if you think it did then little n**ger you don’t know the deal, you probably never won’t, as long as you’re aware you get rated in your ends if you’re popping of the chrome…”

Had to just stop myself from quoting any more lines from this freestyle as the material HPD delivers is just too much for words. A very intellectual freestyle that makes you put certain things into aspect about life. The very type of influences we need from up and coming artists in the music scene. Hard Palm Dun we’re all waiting for your time to blow!


North London rapper Hard Palm Dun, releases his third installment of absolute madness ‘Good Guy Gone Bad Volume 1’.

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