Hard Palm Goes All in With ‘Either That Or Nothing’

Amanda Da Great

By Amanda Da Great

Amanda Da Great

14 Feb 2021

With over 18,000 streams on his single ‘Real in the Field’, Hard Palm has once again taken the opportunity to show listeners how he’s able to go all-in with the composition of his works; through the release of his most recent single ‘Either That or Nothing’.

Much like ‘Real in the Field’, ‘Either That or Nothing’ has real-rap origins that cater to the artist’s way of storytelling, but this time, rather than demonstrating a somber side, Palm builds up an eeriness throughout the track, using resolute punchlines to match his knock-out delivery and mysterious production.

The artistic visuals definitely compliment this song’s sonics; by making use of dark spacious settings, static effects, and a combination of both film and modern-style camera shots. All of which are soaked in a mixture of bright and dim colours; intended to represent Hard Palm’s fearless nature as he spits a raw truth.

‘Either That or Nothing’ Available to Stream on All Platforms | Watch the Video Above!