“Ain’t It Different?”: Headie One and AJ Tracey take the limelight with live performance at the BRITS

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

12 May 2021

Reclaiming the prominent genre of drill music as a voice of unheard and disenfranchised youth, Headie One utilises his performance to speak out on social injustices and the continuous racist stereotypes embedded in drill by the media. Projecting powerful lyrics like “Some say it’s a symptom of societal failings”, Headie One follows up his track “Ain’t It Different?” alongside popular artist AJ Tracey. 

The two North London natives go back to back, referencing various social issues including Marcus Rashford’s recent efforts, Covid-19 Key Workers to Headie One’s transition from jail to main stages. “What else can a drill youth rap about part from my worst days. You see me on stage but I was in jail for 3 of my birthdays”.

In collaboration with creative directors Bronski and Amber Rimell, the impactful statement-making performance was an important milestone in Headie One’s career. Designed by famous designers Virgil Abloh and Louis Vuitton, Headie One takes the stage in a box surrounded by printed newspaper snippets, wearing a custom made tracksuit – as we all know Headie loves; highlighted in the colours of the Ghana flag, further representing Headie One’s heritage. 

The performance later merged in to performing “Princess Cuts” with thriving duo Young T & Bugsey – one of Headie’s two nominations for ‘Best British Single’ category alongside “Ain’t It Different”. Headie One displays his deserving presence at the BRITS with a third nomination for ‘Best Male Solo Act’ in the name of his 2020 debut #1 album ‘EDNA’ dedicated to his mother.

Headie One continues to prosper as he showcases the power of drill music and the ways in which is changes lives for the better.

Check out Headie One‘s BRITS performance from last night, alongside AJ Tracey and Young T And Bugsey – here.