Hilts, Nix Northwest Link Up On ‘Where Are They Now?’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

20 Jul 2023

Rising Alternative rapper Hilts has tapped rapper, singer, and multi instrumentalist Nix Northwest for his latest single, ‘Where Are They Now’. Across a Bossa Nova sampled instrumental, the pair go back and forth with smart lyricism, as well as a strong message of maintaining strong bonds and friendships that runs throughout the track.

Hilts originally came up as part of The Square alongside the likes of Novelist and Elf Kid, and has since made a name for himself by combining a multitude of genres into one signature style. Blurring the lines between Grime, Jazz, and Hip-Hop, Hilts has an ear for a unique instrumental whilst also possessing a talent with the microphone. Nix Northwest has also enjoyed a successful year, collaborating with ENNY and dropping a project of his own, ‘Xin’s Disappearance’.

Speaking on the track, Hilts states:

“Where Are They Now?’ is a shout out to the people who believe in you before you’re something, and more importantly a disregard for those who don’t. The road to success can be a long one and some people only turn up at the destination despite you needing their support earlier. 

The track stayed as that demo for a long time until recently when we reconnected at Well Overdue to rerecord it and polish it up. Nix and I often discuss in depth the music industry and our journey, so this one means a lot to me – It’s a vow to believe in yourself despite any doubt.”