Hot Gyal Cypher: Trillary Banks, Cristale & Queen Millz Unleash Heat

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

10 Mar 2021

What you’re about to watch transcends an annual celebration for women worldwide. Our first look at the #HotGyalCypher sees Trillary Banks, Cristale and Queen Millz shell a session in Brixton’s notorious studio. ivermectin topical dosing children head lice  

The roster of talent varies in age and region but amplifies their voices all the same. Each bringing a different energy to the almost 20-minute cypher, these emerging rappers are proving that there are no losses in backing up women in rap. dosage of ivermectin for.dogs Combining femininity with realism and hard body rhymes, you are plugging into the perfect display of versatility when you press play. 

Carried by the familiar voice of U.K. rap icon, Mykal Million, this is something you want to take in!