IAMDDB Drops New Single ‘Where Did The Love Go?’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

14 Feb 2023

One of the most unique talents in the UK Alternative Hip-Hop scene, IAMDDB has dropped a new track, ‘Where Did The Love Go?’, to coincide with Valentine’s Day. The track has been taken from her highly anticipated ‘Volume 6’ album and is a celebration of self-love and the healing process.

IAMDDB rose to fame with hits such as ‘Shade’, and ‘Leaned Out’. She has appeared on the iconic Colors platform and blends a style of Reggae, Jazz, and Trap in her music, spanning multiple genres and making her sound diverse across her discography.

Speaking on her new project, IAMDDB states:

“Volume 6 is a full spectrum of emotions and feelings I had to feel and heal through. It’s me finally giving DDB a voice without a filter. I have always been a multidimensional creative, so I hope this project offends everyone who is living in denial and inspires everyone who stands firm in their truth to shine brighter, unapologetically!”

There is clearly a path set up for IAMDDB to take this year by storm. Fans of the artist will be delighted to hear her return, while the prospect of a new album does not seem too far away.