Iceè TGM Brings Unique Vibe To Kenny Allstar’s ‘The Generals Corner’ Freestyle Series

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

17 Aug 2021

Get to know about icee tGM, an ascending talent who is not only carving out her own lane but her own sound, also. 

She introduces her unique wave through her smooth freestyle on Kenny Allstar’s brand-new freestyle series, The Generals Corner, which has seen the likes of Benny Banks, Clavish and K Koke since its debut.  

Iceè is commonly recognised for her features on J Hus’ Big Conspiracy album and has followed up with three solo releases. Flaunting her knack for melodies, conscious lyrics and feel-good energy against UKG production, the newcomer lives up to her star potential!

Watch the freestyle above.