Idi Aks and Sal Step Forward For New ‘Next Up?’ Freestyle

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

2 Dec 2021

New to the scene, rising duo Idi Aks and Sal step up to the mic for a hard-hitting ‘Next Up?’ freestyle.

Providing clever wordplay throughout their gritty bars, Idi Aks and Sal construct a levelled delivery showcasing their talents as upcoming rappers. Driving an energetic feel throughout their anticipated ‘Next Up?’, the thriving pair demonstrate their ability and overall artistry implementing clarity and evident efforts in to their sounds.

With two impressive beats produced by Hargo and River, the menacing energy felt allows Idi Aks and Sal to incorporate head-bopping bars.

Tap in to Idi Aks and Sal – “Next Up?’ above!