IDK Releases Latest Single ‘Mr. Police’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

25 Apr 2023

Maryland rapper IDK has released his latest single, ‘Mr. Police’, as well as announcing his upcoming album, ‘F65’ Dropping on May the 5th. The latest single is thought provoking and powerful, as it looks at the impacts of police brutality within the African American community.

Accompanied by a strong music video, IDK reenacts police interactions in Baltimore within the visual. The track juxtaposes hard hitting lyrics with a light hearted flow and instrumental, before a statement from the rapper at the end of the video reads, “We want to create awareness in order to prompt dialogue and potentially change the narrative around law enforcement misconduct. Not all police officers are bad. This is to shine a light on the ones that are.”

IDK’s rise knows no bounds, as can be seen by his stellar performance at Coachella last week. His latest project is set to include features from a host of big names including Goldie, Rich The Kid, and Snoop Dogg amongst others. ‘Mr. Police’ is another example of the artist’s outside the box thinking and demonstrates why he will be a mainstay in US Rap for years to come.