In Talks With Adekunle Gold: “Music that comes out now is about society’s conversations so I won’t knock it.”

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

18 Feb 2022

Nigerian native, Adekunle Gold, warms the globe’s atmosphere in the thick of winter as his newest ‘Catch Me If You Can’ album arrives just in time for the universal month of love. 

His anticipated visit to London is not without an agenda. In fact, the butter-smooth vocalist and I spoke ahead of the night of his intimate listening party and a long stretch of press runs. Believe me, AG Baby was just as his music suggests: mellow, honest and light-hearted. 

It was a pleasure to ditch the conversation’s typical interview route and unpack the crossover of real life and music. Such discussion brought forth the best of his inner thoughts and insight on choosing his musical collaborators, the influence of his personal life, and more.

“I know you were recordind during the pandemicm, so talk about making music in that mode?”

AG: I was really in my element this time. I was feeling like there’s a lot to say and there’s experimenting to do. That’s exactly what I’ve done with this project; push myself more, tap into new sounds and things that I’d regularly not say. I just wanted to go all out.

“You’ve got Lucky Daye, Ty Dolla and just great artists as features – how did they add to the album?”

AG: The music is important to me first. While I’m making the music, I’m thinking about who can take the song to a whole new level.

“I ask because you have a history of picking great people for your music… what’s important for collaborating as you grow into a bigger artist?”

AG: I don’t care who you are. If there’s nothing I can give the song, I’m not doing it. Like I said, the music itself is the most important thing. It has to have the right energy.

“A lot of people make great music but you’re very intentional about what you say. Talk about that?”

AG: I feel like I should say something. I can make music without any real intent too, it’s my piece of art. I wish I could publish books – but this is my way of saying something and relatability is really key for me. 

“Every time I listen to you, I get themes of real love and real life-”

AG: My state of mind is really reflected in the music. I talk about ‘if it doesn’t bring me money or peace, I don’t want it’. It’s always what my mood is. Real life love, real issues and what people are going through.

“What people seem to be enjoying more of, is toxic love themes… so I hold onto artists like you who are still making us want to experience romance…”

AG: I feel like some people want toxic love but is it real? Is it happening? Yeah. Music that comes out now is about society’s conversations so I won’t knock it. It’s how you’re feeling when you’re creating, I guess, don’t overthink it. 

“I feel like people [in R&B] are getting into the game and automatically going that way!”

AG: I hear you, but I don’t see a problem! It’s music!

“Facts – but I reckon music influences us, just as much as we influence the music. We bounce off of each other?”

AG: True! I tell people music doesn’t get old. If there’s something you want to hear go and grab it from the past. There’s no expiration.

“That’s a good point! Plus, you’re a family man – how has that been influencing your music?”

AG: It’s inspired me to make money [laughs]. I’m growing and my family life is growing. You can tell that I’m in a really good space and the home is happy.

“I can feel and hear you’re content! Do you have any plans or tips for Valentines Day?”

AG: I’ll keep mine to myself, but I don’t give tips! You’ll be fine when you figure it out yourself. I’m still figuring it out!

“That’s some real advice. Now, while you’re out in London what do you have planned? I know you’ve got some press in there!”

AG: Some? A lot! [laughs] Press; I’m pushing this album. I’ll be back for my show – definitely look out for that.

“So, the last thing I wanna ask – don’t think too hard about this – is, what is on AG Baby’s playlist right now?”

AG: It’s not even a new song but I keep listening to it a lot. It’s Giveon’s “Heartbreak Anniversary” – it’s beautiful, I loved it when it came out and I’m back again.

“Oh, you’ve put me on! Leave us with a couple of songs, that’s a ‘must spin’ your new album [Catch Me If You Can]!”

AG: Um – definitely “FYE” with Steff London. “One Woman” with Ty Dolla and “Mase Mi”. All amazing!

Adekunle Gold’s Catch Me If You Can album is available on all major streaming sites and you can find more exclusive conversations on Mixtape Madness here.